Meet the Team

Sam Wheatley
  • Taming Avid 96%
  • Telling Stories 94%
  • Visual Effects 70%
  • Writing Essay Emails 76%

Sam Wheatley

Video Dynamo

I’m a camera operator, and video editor. I’m found either directing and camera operating, or locked in the editing suite bringing it all together. If I’m not doing any of that, I am probably drooling over the next piece of kit I want to buy. I’m also an Avid Certified Professional.

Heather Jordan
  • Swinging the Boom 96%
  • Recording Sound 97%
  • Post Production 40%
  • Badgering Sam 79%

Heather Jordan

Sound Elf

I’m a sound recordist so I can usually be found setting up microphones or swinging a boom across the set. I’ve also been developing my audio post-production skills. When I’m not on set, I’m encouraging Sam to buy more microphones!

Sarah Kelly
  • Location Recording 88%
  • Wrangling Pro Tools 94%
  • Thinking Out Loud 60%
  • Stabbing Melons 78%

Sarah Kelly

Sound Engineer

I am a sound engineer, I can usually be found mixing audio, or in the studio smashing things together for sound effects. I also spend time on set operating the boom, or recording and mixing audio. I’ve worked on short films, features, and corporates.

Liam Pacey
  • Shooting 85%
  • Post Production 77%
  • Hurrying Sam Along 82%
  • Juggling 92%

Liam Pacey

Video Engineer

I’m a producer, camera operator and budding visual effects artist. If I’m not behind a camera on set then I’m usually watching over the script and helping keep the shoot to time.